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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fighter - Christina Aquilera

Dear everyone

Our newest music video for what we hope is your viewing pleasure.

Had to try our luck with a faster song this time. Quite challenging but seems to have turned
out okay

Enjoy :)

(watch in 720p for best result)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Coming Soon - Fighter by Christina Aquilera

Hi All

Almost done with all the effect work and the video will go into final editing

Wanted to share a few screenshots from video at least.

Expected release of the video will be towards the end of May

Stay tuned

Jinx Jiersen - Photographer

Unless you are walking through Second Life blind, you must have realized that Jinx is out
there snapping away with his camera.

Highly skilled and accomplished with editing programs, he does things with Second Life
Avatars and Scenery, that I myself could only dream of doing.

It is not often that I pose for other people in pictures. So when getting a chance to be in front
of Jinx's, well - an opportunity that could not and should not be ignored.

This is not going to be a picture blog by any stretch, but wanted to at least show you
his extraordinary talent.

I have added a link to his Flickr site at the bottom of this page. Can only recommend you
skipping over there (after watching my movies of course haha)

Thank you Jinx, for these great pictures

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The mysterious Tech Support

Bali is released and one person did not receive their fair and well deserved credit

An error founded in communication entirely on NXP's part.
An error we will fix immediately

None of our videos would be viewable if it wasn't for the extreme talent and the
tremendous technical skills of Pixie Rain

While not directly engaged in the editing of NXP movies, Pixie's help, her advise and
her talent, is ever present in every single production we make

None of the movies we have produced and will be producing, would be possible with
without her and for that we are, as well as you hopefully are, eternally grateful

An accomplished movie maker herself, she takes time out of her very busy schedule to
help and guide new movie makers such as me. She understands more than anyone I
have come across, that this is not a contest. It is not a fight. We are expressing our
art through movies and all deserve a fair shot at the title.

I urge those of you who haven't seen a Pixie movie, to make a bowl of popcorn, journey
to NM and watch what it is she does. You will not be disappointed.

We do apologize for not making mentioning of Pixie before. Amazing talent and very
sweet and helpful to all.

Thank you Pixie :)
Natalie, NXP

Sunday, May 1, 2011


After the better part of a month on the set and in editing, we are proud to release
our first movie, shot exclusively against real videos and with real video added
to otherwise static backgrounds

A tremendous thank you goes out to the cast and crew of BALI for their patience and professionalism, which remain unparalleled.

We would also like to extend our most sincere gratitude, to both our technical support team
as well as Serenity Kristan for allowing us to take her concept for a spin in this movie.

As always, we welcome your comments, praises and constructive criticism. Your comments
helps us in improving our work so we can continue to bring you quality videos in the future.

Thank you & Enjoy the movie