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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jinx Jiersen - Photographer

Unless you are walking through Second Life blind, you must have realized that Jinx is out
there snapping away with his camera.

Highly skilled and accomplished with editing programs, he does things with Second Life
Avatars and Scenery, that I myself could only dream of doing.

It is not often that I pose for other people in pictures. So when getting a chance to be in front
of Jinx's, well - an opportunity that could not and should not be ignored.

This is not going to be a picture blog by any stretch, but wanted to at least show you
his extraordinary talent.

I have added a link to his Flickr site at the bottom of this page. Can only recommend you
skipping over there (after watching my movies of course haha)

Thank you Jinx, for these great pictures


  1. I spend more time with you naked than I do my own wife lol. thanks Natalie xxxx

  2. Wonderful pictures, great work both of you. And, you look absolutely gorgeous, Natalie :))